"Educating Archie "  By : Van Morrison

You're a slave to the capitalist system

Which is ruled by the global elite

What happened to, the individual

What happened to, the working class white

They filled his head with so much propaganda

Entertainment on TV and all kinds of shite

What happened to the individual

When he gave up all of his rights

Tell you up is down and wrong is right

Nothing to hang your hat on, can't even get uptight

You're controlled by the media

Everything you say and do

What happened to, the individual

Tell me what happened to you

Tell you up is down, not able to fight

Keep you docile and complacent, can't even get uptight

Controlled by the media and you don't know what you can do

They took away your constitution you don't even know what happened to you

Waffle is the language that they taught you, taught you to talk

But you can't even get any angle because you forgot how. Keep on walking the walk

You're a slave to the capitalist system and it's controlled by the global elite

Double dealing with the banks, behind your back, just can't fight