"The Petroleum Age"  By : Philip Gibbs

Hey Louisiana, they're trying to wash you away

While Iraq is crumbling down on the very same day Gasoline's a Fashion, it's all the rage

One day we'll all remember the Petrole-o-leum Age

The temperature is high, and it's hell on the ice

And sooner or later, we'll have to pay the price

The ocean's gonna rise when the ice caps get razed it'll all go down in the Petrole-o-leum Age

It started way back before the First World War

The Combustion Engine started the first car

The wise called it the future and sounded so sage

They said, "Let's all move into the Petrole-o-leum Age"

Then as time went on and the future looked so bright

Lawnmowers, race cars, and planes up in the sky

Another use for oil was found most every day

The Industrial Revolution and the Petrole-o-leum Age

My car that I drive may one day not go

When oil from the ground ceases to flow

In Eternal Time one day we'll turn the page

That says no more fuel for the Petrole-o-leum Age

'Cause there's only so much oil left in the ground

And sooner or later we're gonna hit that fixed amount

And then we'll have to think and use our heads to find new ways

To get from A to B after the Petrole-o-leum Age

Lady Liberty carries her torch up so high

And out in California, it's warm and it's dry

And next it's down in Texas someone's frying in a cage

It's all a big explosion, the Petrole-o-leum Age

The Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Dark Age and the Jazz So many ages,

History has One day if we survive a teacher might say

"Class open up your books to the Petrole-o-leum Age"

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