"One Big Family"  By : Bob Frank

Just to get a decent raise,
You got to turn on the magic charm.
Just to get some medical benefits,
You got to twist somebody’s arm.
They say we’re all one big family,
They say we’re all in the same boat.
So why does their ass ride first class
While I’m barely staying afloat?
If this is how they treat their family,
I feel sorry for all their kin.
When they sit down to eat, they prob’ly take all the meat
And don’t leave you nothing but the skin.
Ya’ll heard about the ship Titanic?
Well, that’s the kind of boat we’re in.
If it ever goes down, you know management won’t drown,
But you and me, we better learn how to swim.
I saw ‘em at that big Christmas dinner,
They had a plate piled way up high.
All that gravy dripping off on the tablecloth
And the biggest slice of the pie.
They had us like a captive audience
As they sat there looking so smirky.
When they stood up to speak, hell, it took all week
Cause they were more full of shit than the turkey.