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One Direction

British pop superstar’s one direction has sold 46 million albums in four short years. With "four" they have gone from energetic pop upstarts to international superstars. They're not only for teenage girls. Their sound, not only the lead singer but the band, as well, represents a whole kind of man, incredibly masculine, hard-working and sexy.

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AC/DC's Angus Young with Shelton
Shelton with Ozzy, seriously

Patti LaBelle and Shelton

Book Review
Social Movements and States in Latin America
Benjamin DanglAK Press

Recent years have seen the resurgence of worker cooperatives, anti-privatization movements, land occupations, and other strategies used by Latin Americans to confront economic crises. Using original research, lively prose, and extensive interviews with farmers, activists, and politicians, Dangl suggests how these tactics could be applied internationally to combat the exploitation of workers and natural resources. He looks at movements across the Americas, drawing parallels between factory takeovers in Argentina and Chicago and battles over water rights in Bolivia and Detroit. At the same time, he analyzes recurring problems faced by social movements, contextualizes them geopolitically, and points to practical examples for building a better world now.

Book Review
The Inside Story of Metallica (1991-2014)
Paul BranniganDa Capo Press

Into the Black begins on the eve of the release of Metallica's massive breakthrough with the eponymous LP that became known as "The Black Album." Suddenly, at the dawn of the '90s, Metallica was no longer the biggest thrash metal band in the world—they were the biggest rock band in the world, period.

But with such enormous success came new challenges, as Metallica ran the risk of alienating their original fan base. They were beset by controversy over musical stylistic shifts, supposed concessions to the mainstream, even their choice of haircuts.

During this transformative era, journalists Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood had unprecedented access to Metallica. They accompanied the band on tour and joined them in the studio, getting exhilarating eyewitness views into the belly of the beast. Together they amassed over 75 hours of interview material, much of it never in print before now.

Book Review
Bauhaus, Black Magick, and Benediction
David J. HaskinsJawbone Press

Beginning with the creation of Bauhaus's seminal debut hit "Bela Lugosi's Dead," David J. Haskins offers a no-holds-barred account of his band's rapid rise to fame and glory in the late '70s, their sudden dissolution in the '80s, and their subsequent and often strained reunions. In between, he explores his work as a solo performer, and with acclaimed trio Love And Rockets, culminating in the devastating fire that ripped through the sessions for their 1996 album Sweet F.A. He also delves deep into his exploration of the occult, drawing together a diverse cast of supporting characters, including William S. Burroughs, Alan Moore, Genesis P. Orridge, and Rick Rubin. Bristling with power and passion, music and magic, Who Killed Mister Moonlight? is a rock'n'roll memoir like no other.

The Power of Political Athletes to Puncture Privilege

I have a second cousin by marriage, let’s call him Frank. He’s a white guy who lives in a middle-class exurban enclave and thinks about politics about as often as he thinks about particle physics—never. He’s not rich and he’s not poor. Like a lot of folks in this country, he works as an independent contractor in a job so boring I can’t even describe it without getting drowsy. He’s a great dad and he plays fantasy football and that’s about it.

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Where Have All The Flowers Gone
By: Earth Wind and Fire

Where have all the flowers gone
A long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone
A long ago
Where have all the flowers gone
Girl, they're picked up, every one

When will they ever learn
When will they ever learn

Where have all the soldiers gone
Long time passing
Where have all the soldiers gone
A long ago
Where have all the soldiers gone
They've gone to graveyards every one

When will they ever learn
When will they ever learn

Book Recommendation

Marx for Beginners

Author: Michael Rius
Publisher: Pantheon Books

From reform to revolution - Marx's influence is unrivaled, but if you put five people in a room, you'll come up with six different opinions on him.

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