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Creative Concepts Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
bismeaux records

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AC/DC's Angus Young with Shelton
Shelton with Ozzy, seriously

Patti LaBelle and Shelton

Book Review
One Hundred Poems
Waddie MitchellWestern Jubilee Recording Company

Over 25 years spent as a working Cowboy, Waddie Mitchell shares his lifetime of experience in this two hundred plus page book. From Campfires to Carnegie Hall, Waddie offers Horse Sense, Humor, and the Real Deal on life for both Cowboys of the West, and even those that have never set a saddle

Book Review
Chasing 120:
Monte WolvertonPlain Truth Ministries

A highly successful but unscrupulous health mogul promises his followers 120 years of robust life if they stick to his "Bible-based" regimen and buy his products. Through his vast Wellness 120 empire, based in the Portland, Oregon area, the charming and charismatic Dr. Tyler Belknap has amassed a cult-like following of people who are working to achieve 12 decades of life.
In nationwide infomercials and books, the fast-talking Texas adman-turned-preacher targets Christian consumers with Biblical-sounding promises of health and longevity. Many of his followers seem to enjoy improved health. But others suffer serious side effects from foods and supplements laced with exotic substances and GMOs developed in Belknap's secret underground research facility in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Belknap and his cronies will stop at nothing to keep their edge in the market, bribing politicians and officials, coercing suppliers, sweeping dissatisfied customers under the carpet and crushing whistleblowers.
In the midst of this culture of false promises and religious-sounding fakery, Belknap's creative director Dave Whitman and his wife Marcia have enjoyed a comfortable life. Suddenly they find themselves at the center of a huge crisis when their teenage son suffers severe brain damage from one of Belknap's psychoactive substance-laced foods. They must come to grips with the fact that the captivating and persuasive leader they have admired for decades is a crook-and that justice does not always happen in this world. Yet in spite of all that, they learn that life goes on and thrives-even though houses of cards in which we sometimes misplace our faith may fall around us.

Book Review
Apathy for the Devil:
Nick KentDa Capo Press

Chronicling Nick Kent’s up-close , personal, often harrowing adventures with the Rolling Stones, Lester Bangs, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, the Sex Pistols, and Chrissie Hynde, among scores of others, Apathy for the Devil is a picaresque memoir that bears witness to the beautiful and the damned of this turbulent decade.
As a college dropout barely out of his teens, Kent’s first five interviews were with the MC5, Captain Beefheart, the Grateful Dead, the Stooges, and Lou Reed. But after the excitement and freedom of those early years, his story would come to mirror that of the decade itself, as he slipped into excess and ever-worsening heroin use. Apathy for the Devil is a compelling story of inspiration, success, burn out, and rebirth from a classic wordsmith.

The Precarious World of Those Who Answer Your Customer Service Calls

An anonymous customer service representative for a U.S. telecommunications company writes of the tremendous pressures on workers in customer service jobs, which pay just above the hourly minimum wage. Because of the low pay, these workers must rely on end of the month performance-based pay bonuses to get by. “Pay for performance” bonuses can add several hundred dollars a month to a paycheck. But it’s a very precarious way to make ends meet.


Call Center workers. Every call is an important call., Alan Clark,

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Jesus Christ
By: Woody Guthrie

Jesus Christ was a man who traveled through the land
Hard working man and brave
He said to the rich, "Give your goods to the poor."
So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.
Jesus was a man, a carpenter by hand
His followers true and brave
One dirty little coward called Judas Iscariot
Has laid Jesus Christ in his grave
He went to the sick, he went to the poor,
And he went to the hungry and the lame;
Said that the poor would one day win this world,
And so they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.

Book Recommendation

Marx for Beginners

Author: Michael Rius
Publisher: Pantheon Books

From reform to revolution - Marx's influence is unrivaled, but if you put five people in a room, you'll come up with six different opinions on him.

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