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Rock or Bust

"Rock or Bust" is ac/dc's first album of new material in six years. But it
was in the mid-70s when the band first appeared on the heavy metal scene.
When I became the editor of hit parader magazine, metal's first print
worshipper, the death of original lead singer, Bon Scott, when "highway to

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AC/DC's Angus Young with Shelton
Shelton with Ozzy, seriously

Patti LaBelle and Shelton

Book Review
A Novel
Scott ShachterStarBeat Press

Shawn is a hard-luck saxophonist with an unearthly muse. His demented neighbors, a mob boss and a choir of interdimensional aliens with sharp teeth are not the only things that stand between Shawn and jazz stardom. A bigger problem is no one likes his crazy music. Worst of all, it scares off Carole, the woman he loves more than anyone. It even scares himself because he knows one day he'll follow his reckless muse until he goes insane, and Carole will stay away forever. When his soul collides with reality, Shawn must choose between his art and his love.

Book Review
Homegrown Resistance to Mountaintop Removal, for the Future of Us All
Tricia Shapiro AK Press

Mountaintop removal (MTR) does exactly what it says: A mountaintop is stripped of trees, blown to bits with explosives, then pushed aside by giant equipment?all to expose a layer of coal to be mined. In recent years, local people fighting against MTR's destruction of their homes in West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia have invited volunteers from outside Appalachia's coalfields to help them bring national attention to this shameful practice, and abolish it. Since the Mountain Justice campaign began in 2005, dozens of local coalfield residents, students, Earth Firsters, and others have been arrested in nonviolent protest actions against MTR.

Book Review
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neil Diamond
David WildDa Capo Press

He Is...I Say examines Neil Diamond’s singular place in the pantheon of popular music. David Wild—who’s interviewed Diamond for Rolling Stone, penned the liner notes to a number of Diamond’s anthologies, and produced Diamond’s scandal-free episode of Behind the Music—now dares to turn on his “Heartlight,” offering a moving and often hilarious salute to his own Jewish Elvis, one based on his interviews from over the years with the Solitary Man himself.

How Lady Day found herself in the middle of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics' early fight for survival

Billie Holiday had been effectively murdered by a conspiracy to break her, orchestrated by the narcotics police - but what could she do? At Billie's funeral, there were swarms of police cars, because they feared their actions against her would trigger a riot. In his eulogy for her, the Reverend Eugene Callender said: 'We should not be here. This young lady was gifted by her creator with tremendous talent . . .

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Don't Be Afraid of the Neo-Cons
By: Norman Blake

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Neo-Cons

And away down yonder in the Florida sand

Old Jeb Bush is a mighty man

He told little brother, don’t be blue

For I’ma gonna hand this thing to you


The churches all got on board

In the Holy name of our Lord

They took him for their favorite son

And they sent him away to Washington

Now Georgie Bush, he is the man

He landed in Afghanistan

We’ll get Osama, was his crack

And now we’re stranded in Iraq


Book Recommendation

Marx for Beginners

Author: Michael Rius
Publisher: Pantheon Books

From reform to revolution - Marx's influence is unrivaled, but if you put five people in a room, you'll come up with six different opinions on him.

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