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Top Album Of The Week

Tony Bennett / Lady Gaga
Cheek to Cheek

Now I don't know who came up with this idea but...they are spiritual
siblings who teamed up for a track on his last album. But now we have a real
party, and with Christmas coming. Lord have mercy, what was Gaga without Tony. Just a photo op. we didn't know she was a singer. What was tony, a tired former star. If you get nothing else for the holidays pick up "cheek to cheek" and prepare for your mouth to flop wide open.

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AC/DC's Angus Young with Shelton
Shelton with Ozzy, seriously

Patti LaBelle and Shelton

Book Review
I'm the Man: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax
Scott IanDa Capo Press

Ian tells his life story with a clear-eyed honesty that spares no one, least of all himself, starting with his upbringing as a nerdy Jewish boy in Queens and evolving through his first musical epiphany when he saw KISS live on television and realized what he wanted to do with his life. He chronicles his adolescence growing up in a dysfunctional home where the records blasting on his stereo failed to drown out the sound of his parents shouting at one another. He sets down the details of his fateful escape into the turbulent world of heavy metal. And of course he lays bare the complete history of Anthrax—from the band's formation to their present-day reinvigoration—as they wrote and recorded thrash classics like Spreading the Disease, Among the Living, and the top-twenty-charting State of Euphoria.

Book Review
Easy Street (the Hard Way): A Memoir
Ron PerlmanDa Capo Press

In Easy Street (the Hard Way), Ron shares his life story, starting with his up-by-your-bootstraps background in New York's Washington Heights. His father, a Swing Era drummer, gave up his dream in order to feed his sons while his mother worked as a municipal clerk. Ron's hard-earned road to Easy Street included bouts of abject poverty, heartbreaking familial episodes, and a long, often uncomfortable struggle for self-acceptance.

Book Review
WE, THE ANARCHISTS! A Study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation
Stuart ChristieChristieBooks

Since the official birth of organized anarchism at the Saint Imier Congress of 1872, no anarchist organization has been held up to greater opprobrium or subjected to such gross misrepresentation than the Federación Anarquista Ibérica. Better known by its initials, the FAI, was a group of twentieth-century militants dedicated to keeping Spain’s largest labour union, the CNT, on a revolutionary, anarcho-syndicalist path.
There are two dimensions to Stuart Christie’s indispensable ‘We, The Anarchists!’ The first is descriptive and historical: it outlines the evolution of the organised anarchist movement in Spain and its relationship with the wider labour movement, and, at the same time, it provides some insight into the main ideas that made the Spanish labour movement one of the most revolutionary of modern times.
The second is analytical, as the book addresses —from an anarchist perspective—the problem of understanding and coping with change in the contemporary world; how can ideals survive the process of institutionalisation?
Stuart Christie’s analysis covers the history of Spanish anarchism and the Spanish Civil War, the affinity group organisation of the FAI, and the misreadings and outright lies told about the FAI in numerous popular and academic accounts of the period. ‘We, The Anarchists!’ Also provides lessons relevant to today's neutered labour movement.

Dead Labor on a Dead Planet: The Inconvenient Truth of Workers' Bladders

When Bill McKibben says that "there are no jobs on a dead planet," he is, no doubt, stating the obvious. Labor, on the other hand, retorts: What good is a living planet dominated by dead labor? In many ways, this essay simply suggests that any labor plan to tackle climate change must find a way to address this tension.


 ATU Local 1555,

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Global Warning
By: Steel Pulse

Hey, make a change, yea, today
That's what I say, that's what I say

Change, a change
A change, a change

Check it out, check it out yea
Check it out, check it out I'm checkin'
Check it out, check it out I'm checkin'
Check it out, check it out

Global warning, global warning
Looking for love respect
Stand up and be counted
Don't ever let them chop us down, hey

Global warning, global warning
Cause you got to know, oh, yes
Stand up and be counted
Don't ever let them cut us down, down

Book Recommendation

Marx for Beginners

Author: Michael Rius
Publisher: Pantheon Books

From reform to revolution - Marx's influence is unrivaled, but if you put five people in a room, you'll come up with six different opinions on him.

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